September 23, 2010

Amy + Brian - {Married}

It’s been our tremendous honour to be invited to capture Amy and Brian’s wedding.  These two are just so in love.  The stories that they shared to everyone just proves that they’re destined to be together.  And we can’t wait to show you the sweetness of their day!


Let’s rewind to the beginning.  Enjoy! =)

amybrian_20100912072105amybrian_20100912074352AmyBrian_20100912072950 AmyBrian_20100912065759AmyBrian_20100912080945AmyBrian_20100912083948AmyBrian_20100912090150 AmyBrian_20100912091015AmyBrian_20100912091248-2

The moment before the husband meeting his wife. 


The joy from the family that is filling the place is just awesome.  And we just LOVE the expression of grandma! =D

amybrian_20100912102510AmyBrian_20100912102146 AmyBrian_20100912104004

And mom too! =)


After tea ceremony, we are getting ready for some fun picture time.

AmyBrian_20100912120716 AmyBrian_20100912120943AmyBrian_20100912124207amybrian_20100912125118 amybrian_20100912125124

Amy, you look FABULOUS!!

amybrian_20100912124613AmyBrian_20100912135703AmyBrian_20100912140347 AmyBrian_20100912140348AmyBrian_20100912140008 amybrian_20100912145836amybrian_20100912150458

AmyBrian_20100912164052amybrian_20100912172152 AmyBrian_20100912172732AmyBrian_20100912172812AmyBrian_20100912173000 AmyBrian_20100912173709AmyBrian_20100912173649AmyBrian_20100912173736AmyBrian_20100912193059-2amybrian_20100912200946-2AmyBrian_20100912201024AmyBrian_20100912205453AmyBrian_20100912205912AmyBrian_20100912210235 AmyBrian_20100912210050AmyBrian_20100912204306-2

Amy and Brian, it’s been a great pleasure to work with you.  The sweetness that is coming from you both and the stories that you shared touches my heart.  And I have no doubt your life will be even sweeter!

******************* Behind the scene *******************

Yeah, it’s us again.  We just LOVE shooting each other. =D


It wasn’t a very dry day.  But don’t worry, I have brought my secret weapon to keep the gown clean. =P


Hi cutie!  Oh, I’m not referring to Winston. =D


My favourite group shot of the day!



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