June 25, 2011

Amy + John - {Married}

We haven’t had such a good weather in Toronto for a long time. Thanks God for giving Amy and John such a beautiful day to get married.
Amy’s dress was stunning. It was custom made by one of her aunties.
AmyJohn_20110618080006 AmyJohn_20110618075416 AmyJohn_20110618075448 AmyJohn_20110618082455 AmyJohn_20110618092026
This was the second time I met Julia, who was also the bridesmaid in Edith and Dave’s wedding.
Here is the beautiful bride.
AmyJohn_20110618080451 AmyJohn_20110618080854 AmyJohn_20110618081743 AmyJohn_20110618081402
Amy, you look amazing!
Over to the Groom’s side, John was getting himself ready for the big day.
0AmyJohn_20110618122455 AmyJohn_20110618080346 AmyJohn_20110618075829 AmyJohn_20110618082411
While we were waiting for John’s arrival, Amy’s mom had some final advices for Amy.
AmyJohn_20110618083556 AmyJohn_20110618094054 AmyJohn_20110618094031
This is one of my favourites!
Amy, you are so lucky to have these sisters to share your happiest day in your life.
John surprised Amy by posting these signs on the parking lot. He and the groomsmen made these just the night before.
AmyJohn_20110618093232  AmyJohn_20110618093903
The boys had finally arrived!
AmyJohn_20110618095236 AmyJohn_20110618100055  AmyJohn_20110618100757 AmyJohn_20110618100837
We then headed to John’s place, where Amy put on her beautiful wedding gown.
AmyJohn_20110618123241 AmyJohn_20110618123301 AmyJohn_20110618123647 AmyJohn_20110618124120 AmyJohn_20110618124545
The ceremony was taken place at the St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church.
AmyJohn_20110618135731 AmyJohn_20110618135122 AmyJohn_20110618135314 AmyJohn_20110618142745 AmyJohn_20110618143104  AmyJohn_20110618145922
There was street festival on the Markham Main Street.
AmyJohn_20110618161531 AmyJohn_20110618161637 AmyJohn_20110618161637_sepia AmyJohn_20110618162249
There was also a Carnival going on.
AmyJohn_20110618164639 AmyJohn_20110618164837 AmyJohn_20110618164945
After the outdoor session, we arrived at the Shangri-La Banquet Hall.
AmyJohn_20110618185036 AmyJohn_20110618184810 AmyJohn_20110618194418 AmyJohn_20110618220507
I was so impressed by how flexible the MC was.
AmyJohn_20110618222238 AmyJohn_20110618233025 AmyJohn_20110618233052
After couple of shots, the real party began.
AmyJohn_20110618234601 AmyJohn_20110619000117 AmyJohn_20110619000520
Thanks again for having us in your wedding. I also need to thank Jessica and Monica from Blue Canary for getting everything organized and kept us on schedule.
**************************************************************** Behind the Scene ****************************************************************
Thanks for letting us taking picture of your ice-cream truck!
The flower girls were just too cute. We had to take pictures of them from multi-angles.
This was the first. I got pulled on stage to talk about the e-session we took for Amy and John.
And here is the team!


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