July 10, 2011

Fiona + Brian – {Married}

We’ve known Fiona and Brian for a few months only, but it felt like we know them for a long time.  That’s because they’re just SO nice.  They’re courteous and care about anyone who involves in their wedding.  We’re so blessed to have couples such as them! =)


You just have to love Fiona for the qualities that she has.  And it really shows from the gift she prepared for Brian.  For those of you who can’t read what’s in the picture, the gift contains a collection of all memorable items during their time together.  That’s SWEET!!!


And we are there to capture ‘this’ moment! =)


And from the bride’s side …

FionaBrian_20110625092059FionaBrian_20110625094414FionaBrian_20110625093106FionaBrian_20110625084252 FionaBrian_20110625100305

Looooooove the details!

FionaBrian_20110625100502 FionaBrian_20110625104237 FionaBrian_20110625100645 FionaBrian_20110625104303

Most couples would like every single sequence of event to be perfect.  But to us, this is the icing on the cake.


Fiona, you look BEAUTIFUL!!

FionaBrian_20110625111234FionaBrian_20110625111747 FionaBrian_20110625112155FionaBrian_20110625111507FionaBrian_20110625113520

Another precious moment for us!!!


Hands down, my FAVORITE of the day!!  Gorgeous!!


Awwww …

FionaBrian_20110625214453 FionaBrian_20110625215600FionaBrian_20110625220456FionaBrian_20110625212326-2FionaBrian_20110625223923-2

Fiona and Brian, we’re VERY honoured to be invited in your wedding.  And the opportunity of capturing every moment throughout the day is precious to us!  May God be the your guidance of your family and wish you enjoy every moment of your new love journey together!  Love ya!

**************************************************************** Behind the Scene ****************************************************************

We’ve had SO MUCH fun during the day, I think this alone can be a separate post. =P


Look, we’re so fast in capture the moment, that we even have time to capture ourselves. =D

FionaBrian_20110625114510 FionaBrian_20110625114555

Hey buddy! =)


Ok, sexy and the cool, right here! =P

FionaBrian_20110625132837 FionaBrian_20110625131940

A little Timeless retreat =)


And getting right back to work! =)


OK … a new game from the Timeless Team … we call that ‘FLOATING’. =D


Getting better!


And now, the master of yoga.  Sorry, I guess my aura is too strong for the guests. =P



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