November 3, 2011

Karie + Ben – {Married}

It is with my GREAT excitement to show you these!!!  Our very lovely and super nice couple, Karie and Ben, who came all the way from Boston for their wedding!  Before I met Karie and Ben, the first thing I think about Boston is … Boston Celtics, and Bruins.  But from now on, Karie and Ben will trump this first impression. =)

Seriously, we didn’t start our day ‘that’ early.  It’s just our great Toronto season, which allows me to take such beautiful picture.


Hi gorgeous!!!


And now our awesome groom!!


I must admit, this is one of the more challenging games to ‘win’ the bride I’ve seen. =)

KarieBen_20111008090853KarieBen_20111008090516 KarieBen_20111008090513 KarieBen_20111008090512KarieBen_20111008092615-2KarieBen_20111008094448KarieBen_20111008115513

Thank God for the perfect Fall weather!  And the ceremony took place in a classy and intimate church.

KarieBen_20111008141137KarieBen_20111008130350KarieBen_20111008130341KarieBen_20111008130404KarieBen_20111008132308 KarieBen_20111008132356-4KarieBen_20111008132803

FUN time for us!! =D

KarieBen_20111008143755KarieBen_20111008143402 KarieBen_20111008143405

Karie and Ben, thanks for playing along with us.  You were AWESOME!!


I just love all the details in the wedding.  Thank you Charlotte for designing the awesome logo and backdrop! =D

KarieBen_20111008174517 KarieBen_20111008183429 KarieBen_20111008174350KarieBen_20111008173644KarieBen_20111008185349-2KarieBen_20111008202032

Hello cutie, thank you for suiting up! =)


Karie and Ben, thank you for inviting us to be your wedding photographers.  You guys are AMAZING!  I wish you have a very merry and joyful love journey for years to come!! =D


To see more of Karie and Ben’s wedding, feel free to CLICK HERE for a slideshow or simply watch it here:


************************************ Behind the Scene ************************************


Look, see who is ready to give up his possessions for God, and who’s not? =P 

karieben_20111008140357-2 KarieBen_20111008140445KarieBen_20111008160907

Our intimate moment of the day! =D



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