August 19, 2012

Cathy + Steve - {Engagement}

The first time I met with Steve was at Karl’s wedding. Steve was one of Karl’s groomsmen and for some reasons, he gave me an impression that he is a very serious type of a person. But I was so wrong. Steve is 180 degrees of what I thought he was. In a way, I am happy that I was wrong because I am able to bring the real Steve and Cathy out in this session.


Cathy and Steve are such a trooper. Despite the thunderstorm, they are still able to enjoy themselves throughout the session.


Just 10 minutes into the session, the rain starts to pour. We have to bring the session indoor, so Cathy and Steve bring us into this little library.


They continue to be “themselves” by playing with the iDevices.


The rain has stopped! Let’s take go out!


A quick change of scenery with a picnic theme.

CathySteve_20120715164427CathySteve_20120715165240 CathySteve_20120715165347

I asked Steve to make Cathy laughs. Instead, Steve gives me the fakest laughter of all time! The fake laughter makes everyone laughs so hard, and of course Cathy included – Mission accomplished.


Thanks again for such a fun-filled afternoon!


To see more of Cathy and Steve’s e-session, click here or check it out below.


************************************ Behind the Scene ************************************

The cup cakes look yummy.


Any location is a good location.



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