June 8, 2013

Kasting 4 Kids 2013

If you follow my blog, you may have already known it is always my dream to use my skills to serve Him.  And I’m truly blessed to be able to fulfill my dream once again, by having the opportunity to capture the Kasting 4 Kids Rehab event this year at the Franklin Club.  This is one of the 2 major charity events for Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital, which is Canada’s largest children’s rehabilitation hospital with a vision of creating a world of possibility for kids with disability. 


I was an absolute beautiful day, compares to the wildly cold day the first time I shot this event. =)




This year, we have some celebrities helping out too!


Timothy Webber, the actor!


And here we have, April Vokey, the professional fly fisher, and the founder of Fly Gal Ventures.  If you google her, she has amazing personal stories of her own too.


It’s so much fun to look at how pro works.  She operates the rod like a magic wand. =)


And here is the crown jewel, the lovely children!


Look at the girl I shot two years ago … she has grown so much taller!  I have so much mixed feeling about this!


And here is another touching story, last year this very same boy was emptied handed during the event.  So the guide this year is on the mission helping him hook a fish.  When I was waiting for the moment, the guide shared his past experience and what motivates him to volunteer in the event.  Normally when someone catches a fish, there will be expression of satisfaction, followed by measurement of the fish, and what to do with the fish.  When a child who stay in the hospital for six months and catch a fish during the event, his first reaction towards the fish was … “WHAT’S YOUR NAME?”  THAT … is priceless!


And LOOK, here’s a FISH!!!! WAY TO GO!! =)



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