July 18, 2013

Cecilia + Charlton - {E-Session 2}

Remember Cecilia and Charlton from their winter session?  These two love birds will jump through hoops to get not only great pictures, but also pictures that tell a story about their stunning qualities, which is something I emphasize to all my couples.  Having couples and friends that share the same passion and vision as I do is a … TRUE BLESSING!  While you have a taste of their fun during their winter session, summer is perfect season for them to show their true color!!


Folks, if you want to know where to get Cecilia’s gorgeous outfit, you out of luck!  That is a custom made outfit, designed by Cecilia herself!  As described by Cecilia, this is her “thesis”.  So there you go, anyone want to guess what her specialty is? =)


Their smile reminds me of the great sunny day of summer! 


Hello sunshine!! =)


Some of the elements these two want to incorporate in their collection are their job and passion … SIGN ME UP on that! =)


Practically, this whole session has been the highlight of my day … but adding this fabulous light this time of the day … SPEECHLESS!!!


Picture on the left, my favorite of the day!!!! =D


Remember what I say about “jumping through hoops”?  I just LOVE these two!! =)


To see more of Cecilia and Charlton's engagement session, click here or check it out below:

************************************ Behind the Scene ************************************

I don’t usually have my couple in this section, but Cecilia’s smile is just TOO GORGEOUS to be ignored!!!! =)


Oh, my dear Brian!!  And thank you Charlton for taking this picture for us, while we’re pretending to be tourist in the museum. =D


FUN is our nickname! =D


Look at this awesome pose!  Perfect example of hiding my weakness while showing off my incredible stability!! =D



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