November 1, 2013

Cecilia + Charlton - {Married}

Seriously, I’m SO hype about this wedding!  Not only I’m surrounded by friends and capture their moments, but I KNOW I’ll be overwhelmed by their fun!! =)

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Little bit of details can tell so much about their personality!! =)


Game time starts early!


Before Charlton goes into the tube, I seriously don’t think any grown man can fit into it.

CeciliaCharlton_20130914084858CeciliaCharlton_20130914090241-2CeciliaCharlton_20130914090318CeciliaCharlton_20130914092009CeciliaCharlton_20130914091942 CeciliaCharlton_20130914092845-2CeciliaCharlton_20130914093734 CeciliaCharlton_20130914094010 CeciliaCharlton_20130914094349 CeciliaCharlton_20130914103151

See how cute they are?  How can I not love them!?


Awesome details … and you know what makes them awesome?  All details are hand made, by the couple and their lovely friends!! =D

CeciliaCharlton_20130914111133 CeciliaCharlton_20130914110923-2 CeciliaCharlton_20130914111006 CeciliaCharlton_20130914121400-2CeciliaCharlton_20130914121406CeciliaCharlton_20130914123835CeciliaCharlton_20130914125441 CeciliaCharlton_20130914155008 CeciliaCharlton_20130914152313CeciliaCharlton_20130914160138-2CeciliaCharlton_20130914155825


CeciliaCharlton_20130914161719CeciliaCharlton_20130914164051CeciliaCharlton_20130914164230-3CeciliaCharlton_20130914165010CeciliaCharlton_20130914191046 CeciliaCharlton_20130914175524-2CeciliaCharlton_20130914191107 CeciliaCharlton_20130914194047

Outfit for sure is fun, but the action and message behind this is even more touching!


If you follow my blog, you’ll notice I seldom include cake cutting in my display.  But this cake is a surprised to Cecilia, AND it is handmade by the maid of honour.  Everyone definitely was on a mission to make this the most memorable day for Cecilia and Charlton!   Awww … so much LOVE!!!

CeciliaCharlton_20130914214857 CeciliaCharlton_20130914220944 CeciliaCharlton_20130915000206-2

To see more of Cecilia and Charlton’s wedding, click here or check it out below:

Cecilia + Charlton:

What was the most memorable moment of your day?

Cecilia: At the Banquet when Charlton all of sudden went missing and surprised me with a video that he made.. More to that, he showed up again in a SUPERMAN suit, being my real superman!
Charlton: When I passed all the challenges and finally get to see Cecilia in the Chinese gown… knowing that starting at that moment and for the rest of the day and our lives, we will always be together.

Any advice for future bride/grooms?

Cecilia: Discover Pinterest! It is an amazing source for inspiration for your wedding! but once you have decided on the colour/ dress/ theme/ d├ęcor/ cake etc.. move on and DO NOT go on pinterest again!  You will end up thinking way too much and wanting to do more than you can manage....
Charlton: Go crazy!  Do something that you will never ever do again. (warning, it may be embarrassing in hindsight, but it will definitely be memorable and worthwhile!)

Funniest memory from your wedding day?

Cecilia: Having a huge fight with my mom in the morning while Charlton was about to come into the room and “pick me up”… It was hurtful because oh man!  It’s the worst time to fight.. but it was really funny because during that time, Charlton was yelling out his crazily funny “love vows”..  he literally made me LOL and brighten up everything. I will forever remember what he “promised”..
Charlton: At the end of the night when Cecilia sat on the ground next to the bar… she was talking non-stop but I couldn’t understand a word she was saying.

If you could do it all over, would you change anything?

Cecilia: Everything was special and perfectly fine the way they were because our Heavenly father was in charge. I wouldn’t want to change a thing.
Charlton: The day was too perfect to be real, not because of our planning, but because God had poured out His blessings to us.


************************************ Behind the Scene ************************************

Load  … take aim …




Finding the best like in any situation! =)


Ah … thank you Brian for cleaning the scene for me! =D


After 15 hours of shooting, the floor feels soooo … good!! =D



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