January 14, 2014

Victoria + Mihir – {E-Session}

Meet my first couples of 2014, Victoria and Mihir!  Gosh, they’re one BEAUTIFUL couples!  And when I say this, I’m not only referring to their appearance, but also their character.  I still remember the fun of learning so much about them even in my first meeting with them.  It is their sweetness and their love to God that draw me close to them.

And here we go, a snowy engagement session, something that is definitely not lacking this winter. =)


By the way, this is our rescheduled session.  Our original scheduled session was on the Sunday, when the ice storm swept through Toronto. =P


Always love the idea from my couples! =)

VictoriaMihir_20140105151129VictoriaMihir_20140105153205victoriamihir_20140105153205 (2)VictoriaMihir_20140105151332VictoriaMihir_20140105154216VictoriaMihir_20140105154216-2VictoriaMihir_20140105175604VictoriaMihir_20140105184858-2VictoriaMihir_20140105182442VictoriaMihir_20140105190306VictoriaMihir_20140105190227

To see more of Victoria and Mihir's engagement session, click here or check it out below:

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