September 10, 2010

Candy + Donny - {E-Session}

It was a day after the stormy weekend.  It was a Monday.  And it’s one of those days to thank God for awesome weather which we all enjoyed a ‘mini-vacation’ with our lovely couple, Candy and Donny!

Both Candy and Donny are devoted Christians.  And boy oh boy, they are just full of fun, full of joy, and full of life.  And you know what, joy is contagious!  I for one surely is infected by this welcoming quality. =)

CandyDonny_20100816155834CandyDonny_20100816160743-2 CandyDonny_20100816160814candydonny_20100816155848

Cute! Cute! Cute!

CandyDonny_20100816163129CandyDonny_20100816163315 CandyDonny_20100816163610CandyDonny_20100816164211-2CandyDonny_20100816165101CandyDonny_20100816170538

Rawrrrrrrr!!!!  I just got extra excited when I see light like that!!! =D

CandyDonny_20100816174514 CandyDonny_20100816174321CandyDonny_20100816174708CandyDonny_20100816175050CandyDonny_20100816175540 CandyDonny_20100816180101CandyDonny_20100816180148

The ‘funnest’ part of our day!

CandyDonny_20100816181436 CandyDonny_20100816185857CandyDonny_20100816185952-2candydonny_20100816183857 (2)CandyDonny_20100816191301CandyDonny_20100816190516CandyDonny_20100816185123CandyDonny_20100816200734CandyDonny_20100816203524

Candy and Donny, you guys are absolutely lovely and awesome to work with!  And we can’t wait to capture every moment of your wedding!!  Love ya!

Oh, I did mention this is a mini-vacation, right?  How can this be a vacation without a ‘tourist’ shot? =P


******************* Behind the scene *******************

And here’s a little documentary of how we enjoyed our ‘vacation’.  Seriously, it’s really enjoyable! =)


This one is fun.  The racoon was stuck there for 5 mins.  I’m not sure if it’s trying to get in or out. =P

CandyDonny_20100816155616teampic_20100816164814 teampic_20100816160857


Kitty said...

lovely couple met the lovely photographers to make the lovely moment!!!

sushee said...

candy u look beautiful!! you're all grown up now :) so different from when we were back in university. time flies!! xoxoxo so happy for you and your fiance!! :)

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