October 23, 2010

Edith + Dave - {Married}

It was a wedding with different emotions.  And it was a wedding with many familiar faces which I didn’t expect at all.  For example, Dave’s uncle is my founder pastor in my old church.  And one of Edith’s uncles is a great friend of my Dad, who know me since I was a teenager. =)

Enjoy the sneak peek!

edithdave_20101002074058 edithdave_20101002075948edithdave_20101002065256EdithDave_20101002072309-2

In order to win the bride, the bros need to prepare! =)  For those who don’t know the writings, below are the famous ancient military tactics written on Tradition Chinese. =P

EdithDave_20101002071031 edithdave_20101002072506edithdave_20101002073410EdithDave_20101002081513


We LOOOOVE the moments!


And Edith, you look absolutely amazing!


We then went on to the forest for some awesome Fall colors!


EdithDave_20101002172015 EdithDave_20101002172044EdithDave_20101002211158

And here comes a very special moment.  I certainly cannot describe the emotion and love in words.  I will  just let my friends and our lovely couple to relive their moments on these pictures.  I must tell you, I am touched! 


And the post will end with us and our gorgeous couple.  Edith and Dave, you are absolutely made for each other.  And it is our honour to capture your memory.  I wish you both a very happy married life!!  Love ya both!!!


******************* Behind the scene *******************

Onto our team timeless coverage, with the help of our good ‘samaritan’ brothers.  =)

edithdave_20101002081504EdithDave_20101002131950 EdithDave_20101002105356

A little duel of camera shooting right there … lol.


Me taking a break again … nah!!! =P


My fav right there.  Reminds me of AVP. =D



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