June 28, 2011

Candy + Donny – {Married}

It has been a long anticipated wedding.  Candy and Donny approached us last year and we had a great time during our Centre Island engagement session.  And when the time comes, it happens on one of the most beautiful weekends of the season.  I must tell you, this is the one of those weddings that is full of special moments and fun!

Seriously, when I saw those big beautiful eyes, I was like … ‘WOW, who needs makeup for that!?”

CandyDonny_20110618091811CandyDonny_20110618093602-2CandyDonny_20110618094332 CandyDonny_20110618093939

What is more intimate than having the mom doing the makeup for her daughter?  It is the most meaningful preparation I ever had.


A hand made gift from our groom … SWEET!


Hello Candy!! =)


After tea ceremony, we’re then getting ready for church…

CandyDonny_20110618090239 CandyDonny_20110618090242CandyDonny_20110618123702 CandyDonny_20110618123753

This beautiful church is where Donny is serving now. =)

CandyDonny_20110618132240CandyDonny_20110618132351 CandyDonny_20110618132558


CandyDonny_20110618133916CandyDonny_20110618134943CandyDonny_20110618135254CandyDonny_20110618135421 CandyDonny_20110618135426CandyDonny_20110618135432 CandyDonny_20110618135438CandyDonny_20110618141319CandyDonny_20110618141135 CandyDonny_20110618141612

Remember I said they’re adorable?  I just LOVE their dance! =)


Something that really suits the name and the personality of our bride. =)

CandyDonny_20110618154735 CandyDonny_20110618154743CandyDonny_20110618155245 CandyDonny_20110618154651

And time for PICTURES … woohoo!!

CandyDonny_20110618164209CandyDonny_20110618165037CandyDonny_20110618165111 CandyDonny_20110618165712CandyDonny_20110618173440
CandyDonny_20110618185744 CandyDonny_20110618185813 CandyDonny_20110618183249CandyDonny_20110618190608

Alright, dragon dance, anyone?  This is certainly not an expensive sport.  Just look at the equipment involved. =P




Our night ends with another dance party, show off your moves!!

CandyDonny_20110618231943 CandyDonny_20110618232711CandyDonny_20110618233116 CandyDonny_20110618232735

Candy and Donny, it is a great honour to be invited as your wedding photographer!  I wish you have an awesome journey in your new family and may God bless every step of your united life.  Love ya both!!!! =)

**************************************************************** Behind the Scene ****************************************************************

Juuuust to make sure I captured myself. =DCandyDonny_20110618115036CandyDonny_20110618094321CandyDonny_20110618122318CandyDonny_20110618125343

No pain!  No gain!!  Hoooaaaa!


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