November 23, 2010

Fashion Shoot

Timeless Moment is not only about Love, but also about fashion. I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to help one of my clients, Amy, to do a photo shoot for her fashion styling assignment. We will be shooting Amy + John’s wedding next June. I can’t wait to see your Cinderella style wedding dress!

The shoot was taking place in a forest near Bur Oak and McCowan. The day of the shooting was cold and breezy. I was grateful that we were shooting in the forest because with the amount of wind, I would not be able to keep those light stands up had we not been shooting in the forest.

Joyce was our model of the day.  Thanks so much for braving the cold!amyproject_20101121160305_2 amyproject_20101121160958_2amyproject_20101121162922_2

Joyce started out a little bit stiff, but she soon became more relax and was able to unveiled her true personality.


Loved how the light breeze gently lifted up her hair.

amyproject_20101121165901_2amyproject_20101121170122_2 amyproject_20101121170403-2_2

It was a fun afternoon shooting with you girls.  You can count me in for your next assignment. =)


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