November 1, 2010

Mabel + Patrick - {E-Session 2}

Remember I mentioned a while ago here that this is not the last time we’ll see these two?  Oh boy, it’s been a long while!  It’s partly because of a little sports accident that delayed our second session.  But a larger part is because of us being especially blessed with all the exciting weddings we have been invited to this year.

Enjoy our 2nd fun photo trip of Mabel and Patrick. 


And when we say fun, we mean it!  Seriously, we wouldn’t have as much fun if we don’t have our lovely and cute couples like this.  They’re just willing to do anything, even when the message totally does not describe our awesome Patrick here! =D


Rawwwwwrrrrrrr …….!  Easily my fav of the day!

MabelPatrick_20100918171320-2MabelPatrick_20100918174041-2 MabelPatrick_20100918191104MabelPatrick_20100918171911MabelPatrick_20100918190333MabelPatrick_20100918174736

Our session continues at night … I just LOOOVE the different scenery and atmosphere.  Tremendous thanks to our couple for their complete trust. =)


If I can name more than one favorites of the day, this is certainly another one!


Mabel and Patrick, you guys rock!!!


******************* Behind the scene *******************

Again, introducing our most favorite position of shooting, yeah, we sleep everywhere! =)



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