August 4, 2010

Amy + Brian {E-Session}

Half-day from work; passionate couples; sunny afternoon – What else can you ask for to start our Civic Holiday. 
Brian himself is an avid photographer.  The pictures that he took for Amy from various trips are more than enough to fill an e-session slideshow.  However, it would be almost impossible for him to capture the passion and love between Amy and himself.  And that’s when Timeless Moment came in to help.
We started our session at the Quadrangle, which is the backyard of the main Trinity College building.  It was a such a beautiful scene to have the historical building as the backdrop of this lovely couples.

amybrian_20100730163909amybrian_20100730164327 amybrian_20100730164204amybrian_20100730163538amybrian_20100730164532 amybrian_20100730164646amybrian_20100730163622amybrian_20100730165207
They are natural born models. It took no time for them to warm up. Within minutes, they were already very comfortable with us.


There were so many things to photograph around UofT.  We ended up spending almost an hour and a half there.

amybrian_20100730171715amybrian_20100730171715-2amybrian_20100730171717amybrian_20100730171800 amybrian_20100730172336 amybrian_20100730174532 amybrian_20100730180151amybrian_20100730180657amybrian_20100730180331
We then continued our session at the Distillery Districts. amybrian_20100730191025 amybrian_20100730191018 amybrian_20100730191024amybrian_20100730193821
There was a side story during our session at the distillery. At the end of the session, when we were about to board the car to go to the next location, Amy announced that she had lost her ring! She panic a bit, and then slowly traced back to where we came from.  Luckily she was able to find the ring in the parking lot about 30 feet from our car. Phew!
We are glad that you’ve found the ring!

After the little episode, we made our way to the Harbour Front.  The Harbour Front has a very special meaning to the couples.  amybrian_20100730204937amybrian_20100730204656amybrian_20100730210809 amybrian_20100730213008 amybrian_20100730213752
It was fun to shoot Amy and Brian’s e-session.  Looking forward to their wedding in September!

******************* Behind the scene *******************
We love to shoot ourselves to show others how hard working we are. =D
amybrian_20100730164621    amybrian_20100730170157
We tried our best to make ourselves look as good as the couples.  Well, as least we tried.

This is what I usually do when we are taking breaks … Shooting leavesamybrian_20100730173037
and waiting for the baits to come to the sweet spot.  amybrian_20100730184924


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