August 31, 2010

Edith + Dave - {E-Session}

All my life I always believe that God has a plan for everyone, including the one who we’ll be sharing our journey with for the rest of our life.  And after I heard about Edith and Dave’s love story during our first interview, this totally confirm my believe.

They’re great people to hang out with individually.  But the little flare and chemistry that is generated when they’re together just throw me off the chair.  They’re just so incredibly cute!!  But more to that later. =)


It was quite a wet day but we still manage have some great photo fun.  Two thumbs up for our lovely couple!!

EdithDave_20100821160430   EdithDave_20100821161323EdithDave_20100821161240 edithdave_20100821161353

To my amazement, Dave actually plays in band.  So when it comes to props, below is a no-brainer. =)

EdithDave_20100821165608 EdithDave_20100821165954 EdithDave_20100821170215

EdithDave_20100821170051 EdithDave_20100821172050 EdithDave_20100821165133 EdithDave_20100821173143

Edith, you look AWESOME!


Remember I said they`re incredibly cute?  Here is just one of the examples.

EdithDave_20100821181722 EdithDave_20100821181719EdithDave_20100821181720 EdithDave_20100821181721

EdithDave_20100821180104 EdithDave_20100821180130

By now you should’ve noticed their outfit.  This is by far the funniest outfit I’ve ever shot!  Not only they’re matching lips, but the lips sticks!! 

EdithDave_20100821180434 EdithDave_20100821180438_ani

EdithDave_20100821185428  EdithDave_20100821190629 EdithDave_20100821190811

I’ll end this post with one of my favs.


Edith and Dave, congratulations to your up coming wedding.  And we can’t wait to be part of it! =)

******************* Behind the scene *******************

Yeah, it was a wet day and we were soak lying on the ground.  But it’s well worth it. =)

EdithDave_20100821161211edithdave_20100821160946 EdithDave_20100821172330 edithdave_20100821165052 edithdave_20100821171804


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